When do my donations get paid?

When do my donations get paid out?

Dashboard > Payout

Donations are paid out weekly on Tuesdays.

All donations received until Tuesday 07:30 will be processed for pay out.

All donations received after Tuesday 07:30 will be paid out on Tuesday the following week.

In your dashboard under Payoutyou can track your payout. As soon as the payment batch is created, the status of your payment changes from Open to In Progress.

The payment is made before midnight on Tuesday. As soon as the payment is made the status changes from In Progress to Paid

Depending on your bank, the payment will be received within 1 to 3 business days later on the bank account that is linked to your fundraiser. 

Costs are automatically deducted from the amount to be paid and can be viewed 24/7 in your dashboard in the Payout section. We do not send you an invoice. 

Please note: payment can only take place if a bank account is added and linked to your fundraiser. Did you not receive your payment? Most likely you have not linked your bank account to your fundraiser. Tick the box linking your fundraiser to your bank account.

Payments to bank accounts in non-SEPA countries are made manually at a time to be determined by the fundraiser organisor. Please refer to the following article for more information.

Payout malfunction

On rare occasions there may be a malfunction at ING (our bank) which prevents us from making payouts. In this case a message will appear at the top of the Payout page in your dashboard. As soon as the malfunction has been resolved, we will proceed with payment and the status of your payment will change from In Progress to Paid.

Receiving your money at the end of your campaign?

Would you rather receive the money in one go at the end of the campaign? This is possible by linking your bank account to your fundraiser only when you want to be paid out. The donations received will accumulate in your account and will always be visible in your dashboard.

Starting your campaign without adding a bankaccount?

You can start your fundraiser without adding and/or linking a bank account. The donations received will then accumulate in your account and will only be paid out once a bank account has been added and linked to your fundraiser. All donations and your balance are visible online 24/7 in your dashboard.

Will I still be paid out if I do not reach my target amount?

Yes. We always pay out weekly. Setting a target amount and/or reaching a set target amount does not affect the weekly payout.

VAT Invoice of Fees

You can download an invoice for the fees with VAT specification, per payout date, in your dashboard under Payout.

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