What is a collector?

If others want to help and be part of your fundraising effort

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A collector is a friend, acquaintance, family member, or someone else who wants to help you share your campaign. But they can also be team members, classmates, or members of your group, team, or organisation.

Of course, people can already simply share the link of your fundraising page without becoming a collector.

But if they become a collector, they get their own personal fundraising page with their name and profile picture. This is an exact copy of your own fundraising page but personalised with their name and profile picture. Collectors can also add their own texts, images and video to their own campaign page.

People donate more easily when they recognize and know the person collecting. A person collecting for you has their own network. This way you can broaden the reach of your fundraising campaign beyond your own network and use the network of others.

People that become a collector are more involved, dedicated, and motivated to share your fundraiser and help you collect money.

As the organisor of your fundraiser, you can follow the amounts collected by each collector in your dashboard (in the collectors section).

The collectors can also see how much they have personally raised and also see how much other collectors have raised. This can be seen in the collectors tab on the fundraising page. This allows for a bit of competition between collectors.

The collectors function is ideal for groups like teams and classes where each member becomes a collector - with their own fundraiser page - but all striving for one common goal.

All donations - including those received from collectors - go directly to the bank account that is linked to the campaign. Collectors, therefore, do not need to transfer money to the fundraiser’s organisor.

Collectors: especially suitable for teams, classes, clubs, and other groups!

Inviting collectors is particularly suitable for teams, classes, clubs, and other groups.

For example, a football team wants to raise money for a new kit. A fundraiser is set up and all individual team members become collectors. This way, each team member can share the fundraiser with his/her own network from his/her own name and profile.

Because you can see on the fundraiser page who collected how much, a competitive element is created. Which team member will be able to raise the most? This also adds a fun factor to your action!

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