Inviting collectors

How to invite collectors to help you with your fundraiser

You can invite collectors in 2 places:

1. Dashboard > Collectors > Invite collector button

Go to your Dashboard and then to the Collectors section. Click on the 'Invite Collectors' button or if you have more already done so in the past click on your fundraiser and then on the 'Invite Collector' button.

2. Dashboard > Fundraisers > Collectors > Invite Collector button

Go to your Dashboard and then to the 'Fundraisers' page with the overview of your Fundraisers. Click the 'Collectors' button. Then click the 'Invite Collector' button.

The invitation is already made for you. You only have to fill in the name and e-mail address of the person you want to invite and click send.

Attention: in the written text of the message you should NOT overwrite [personal-fundraiser-link]. This is the link to your fundraiser page and has underlying code.

The collector will then receive an invitation by e-mail to become a collector and can accept or refuse this invitation.

Registered/accepted collectors are listed under Collectors in your dashboard. It is possible to remove collectors if you don't want them to be a collector anymore.

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